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The LTC Solution!

Your clients have a big problem that they are either not aware of or do not know how to solve:

  1. 70 % of your clients will need long-term care in their lifetime.  Odds of needing LTC Brainshark
  2. The cost of care in the NY Metro areas is approximately $120,000 per year.
  3. Clients are not buying traditional LTC insurance as the cost is perceived as too high for a product they feel they may never use.

The typical advisor will advise their client that there are 3 ways to pay for long-term care:

  1. Current assets (Bank accounts, brokerage accounts, ie self-funding)
  2. Medicaid (Medicare DOES NOT cover Long-term care*. Medicaid is the state welfare program)
  3. Traditional use it or lose it long-term care insurance
Wouldn't be easier to sell LTC insurance if you could offer a product that solved all of your clients problems?
  1. A product that offered a guaranteed 100% return of premium
  2. A product that guarantees that there will be no premium increases
  3. A product that funds as much of the LTC need as desired
  4. A product that offers affordable inflation protection
  5. A product that offers a guaranteed death benefit to clients heirs

We offer products with either full underwriting or streamlined underwriting

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