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Why Disability Insurance

Although a clients ability to earn a living is probably their most important asset, very few actually buy sufficient insurance to replace their income. WHY?

First, many people suffer from the IWHTM syndrome. (It wont happen to me). Well, there is a 3 in 10 chance of a given person suffering from a disabling injury or illness during their working careers.

Perhaps they mistakenly believe that Worker Comp or Social Security will cover them.

Fact is, almost HALF of those that initially apply for Social Security Disability are denied. Of those that are approved: They only receive an average of $1,063 per month. 

As far as Workers Comp, 73% of disabling injuries ARE NOT work related and therefore Workers Comp pays nothing.

You owe it to your clients to learn more and discuss and sell this critical coverage to your clients.

TGA4A represents all the major Disability insurance carriers- Metlife, Union Central, Principal, Mutual of Omaha, Berkshire/Guardian to name a few.

YES we can insure Blue Collar professions!

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